For Athletes

Impact&way have a lot of experience working in elite sports, both through individual coaching and team coaching.

Here talent development is a big part of it.

When we founded impact&way, the ability to continue with both mental and physical development for clients was considered a must!

We can work with both sports athletes and Esport athletes, most important thing is interest in a more military-focused style training and the drive to get better!

Mental Development

One aspect of mental development (to understand yourself mentally and optimize your reactions)
Another aspect is understanding how to create an environment and situation best suited for the max performance.

Both can be archived through experience and coaching.

Impact&way offers coaching in the work environment (in front of the computer or on the track).
It’s crucial to make the learning experience transferable and intensive.


It takes a lot of building blocks to go from being an average athlete to become a world-class athlete.

But most of it takes courage and willpower to find your weak points and then work enough to strengthen them.

Impact&way most important job in this context is to enable athletes to be aware of the journey and help them clear the roadblocks in front of them, both mentally and psychical.

Physical development

Physical development is important for everyone, study shows that it increases mental capacities, improve health both mentally and physically.

Impact&way focus on both nutrition and training.
We are certified and ready to give you the edge.






High-performance Workshops team building coaching Service

Impact&Way is all about the team. Christian and Michael know the ins and outs of elite sports and high-stress environments from several tours to high-risk areas through military/security operations. They have nearly 20 years of combined experience developing teams and individuals in Denmark and abroad.