Creating a strong team

The importance of a strong team can not be understated.

Studies show:
Greater employee Retention.
Higher job satisfaction and less stress.
More output.

A strong team is undoubtedly a benefit for an organisation, but it also benefits the individual.
 It’s all about enabling high performance.

In our work, we don’t have the privilege of creating the teams, but we have the chance to improve dynamics.

We do this by placing the group in situations that demand teamwork and leadership.
We use mountain biking, climbing, shooting, training, paintball, military exercises,  freediving, rowing, escape-room type puzzles, games and competitions as tools to give you an intense learning experience.



Whether it is military operations or a normal day at work. We strive to have tolerance, reliability, clear communication and showing accountability.
We believe that these 4 principles are valuable for everyone, no matter how we design your team-building experience.


Tolerance is a necessary part of teamwork, there is always mistakes and people we don’t like.

Tolerance is not about accepting, but it’s about understanding that we cant always perform and prioritising the work-relationship. Giving people and idea’s/behaviour second chances.

This is going to be needed in the teamwork situation and when it’s Monday morning.


Reliability is an important part of high performance. Task-structuring is hugely important as an individual, but especially as a team.

To be able to trust a team member and colleagues is key!

That does not mean that everyone needs to accomplish every task assigned, but you need to be honest about your own abilities your stress-level – so you can show reliability and gain trust.


It’s no surprise that communication is important.

Impact&way’s focus is participation and teaching clear and honest communication.

This does not mean that you have an excuse to be personal.
It’s about saying what you think, being authentic, honest and clear.

We believe that good communication starts with understanding the commutative context and viewing communication from a contextual perspective.

This requires trust and openness that we will help you develop!


Taking ownership of your own decisions is a crucial part of leadership, but also an important part of teamwork.

Teamwork is defined by individuals ability to share/distribute small frames of a bigger picture.

We need all the parts of the picture! that’s starts with accountability – engagement and commitment will follow.

This accountability is vital for feedback. We trade accountability to vital feedback, evaluation and improvement.

Without accountability, we don’t care enough!

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Impact&Way is all about the team. Christian and Michael know the ins and outs of elite sports and high-stress environments from several tours to high-risk areas through military/security operations. They have nearly 20 years of combined experience developing teams and individuals in Denmark and abroad.