Our workshops are based on the military concept "train as you fight" - Everything needs to transferrable.

The Impact&ways business model is to collect speakers, coaches, and instructors with a military or special forces background. This will ensure clients will get a uniquely designed and authentic, transferrable service.

We don’t want to tell you; we will show you!
Share practical experiences about how to cope with problems and optimise teams and organisational dynamics.
Provide clients with battle-proven methods and tools.

Our concept

The impact&way workshop concept is based on 4 elements:
#1: It needs to be small groups, less than 20 people.
#2: It needs to be informal
#3: The workshop is conducted by people who have real-life experience with the subject matter.
#4: Participants need to have a relation to each other.

The workshop is build around your work related dynamics and problems, “We bring the setup, you bring the participants!”



Through our workshops we will allways have a seperate focus on 3 principles:


During the workshop, we will have a special focus on accountability in feedback situations, who makes the final decision and who has ultimate ownership.

We come from a military environment, where accountability for our own actions is crucial for individual and team development.

We will try to teach you the same thing.





Responsibility is something you take while you work. Responsibility can be shared and Responsibility is task-related.

We want participants to take responsibility in teamwork. It is crucial in a professional setting.

This is the first step in showing commitment and creating alignment between the task and colleges.


Openness is important in an organisation and in a team. Without it, you will lose inputs from colleagues and stakeholders.

Openness is also a key ingredient for Impact&way in a workshop setting, that’s why “3 of the 4” elements is about the relationship between participants or about creating a safe environment.

The workshop needs to be an intensive learning experience and openness is a key ingredient.

This is a two-way street, participants need to have some degree of relation to each other, we will help with the rest!

High-performance Workshops team building coaching Service

Impact&Way is all about the team. Christian and Michael know the ins and outs of elite sports and high-stress environments from several tours to high-risk areas through military/security operations. They have nearly 20 years of combined experience developing teams and individuals in Denmark and abroad.